REVCA was founded by Industry veterans who saw a unique opportunity to focus on  “experiences” in the world of connected devices.



US and India

Smart Manufacturing

smart manufacturing

Enhancing Intelligence. Improving Quality. Maximizing Production.

For manufacturers, the value of live production data, insights into operational metrics like OEE, and resilient human-machine interface has never been more important. Innovation and improvement start with capturing insights into your assets, people, and processes. Revca’s, IOT platform is simplifying automation, integration, and analysis of data.
smart manufacturing
Monitoring - Machines, Conditions, and Process
Monitoring - Machines, Conditions, and Process

Monitoring - Machines, Conditions, and Process

Digital transformation for manufacturing equates to operational transformation. By leveraging sensors and smart devices, the focus is to collect and process machine data, over various protocols and democratizing the decision-making process. Our plug-and-play, component-based architecture makes deployment simple and focuses on value generation from the very beginning. We support a variety of Gateways, offer flexibility to select protocols, deploy our solution on the Edge and stream our data to the cloud. Our responsive web offers to support various forms factors towards a richer user experience. When it comes to alerting, our message and alerting solution leverage applied learnings, prioritizing the messages as well as delivery channels.

Revca Artificial Intelligence and Machine Intelligence

Enhancing Intelligence of Machines

Machine Intelligence has a significant role in any manufacturing and industrial operations. We leverage our custom AI and ML algorithm can observe and learn from your operations, and as the model gets trained, it enhances the intelligence of machines by detecting any anomalies, suggests and execute corrective actions. The enhanced intelligence give machines the capabilities to answer Why behind OEE, TEEP, and other relevant metrics

cybser security

Cyber Security

Advancement in technology comes at a price, and the price is often in the risk and exposure for Cyberattack. Complete isolation has become all but impossible, but we have to mitigate emerging risks by deploying OT-specific cybersecurity solutions. By leveraging our expertise in security, and combining it with our AI&ML model, we can identify any abnormal behaviors that are caused by attack vectors. We have a deep understanding of NIST, ISO-27001, Mitre framework and as we deploy our production monitoring solution, we work closely with your Information Security team, towards a comprehensive IT & OT security across the enterprise.