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AquaML - Where Water meets Machine Learning.

Our lives are surrounded by smart devices, augmented intelligence and Industry 4.0, Yet the water we drink and consume is processed by limited automation and hardly any applied machine learning.

Why Sustainable Water?

The amount of water fit for human consumption is than 1% of the earth’s total water , which is like having one litre of water but only being able to consume 1.5 TSP . Water cannot be reproduced and can only be recycled and reprocessed. Wastewater is almost entirely composed of water, which has at most 0.1% compounds and organisms. For wastewater treatment to leverage the advancements in technology, we must leverage the advancements in technology.

Use Cases of AquaML ?

Predicting Energy Consumption

By using our advanced ML models, we can help optimize your energy cost models and consumption predictions.

Preventive Maintenance to improve OEE

Our models, along with our IIOT platform, can help improve your OEE and plant uptime.

Ammonia and Nitrate Prediction

Our models are trained on 100 plus data parameters, enabling high-accuracy prediction of ammonia and nitrates.

Chemical Usage

Chemical dosing can be optimised by running ML models for factors like turbidity and solid concentrates.

Operational Efficiencies

By analysing data and parameters associated with people, process, and machines, our model improves plants' operational efficiencies.

ESG and Carbon Neutral

AquaML delivers recommendations on ESG and carbon neutral goals, helping you with Audits, Compliance, and Credits.

ML for Water

What is AquaML ?

An integrated Industry 4.0 platform, combining IIOT and machine learning to accelerate the digital transformation of your water treatment operations. pre-trained ML model for water treatment. Trained by leveraging multi-year data consisting of

  • 100+ water treatment plant parameters, including external parameters like weather.
  • High Prediction Accuracy
  • Out of the box integration with PLC/SCADA and various other sensors
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How AquaML Works ?

  • 1
    Analyze and Understand Operations
    Receive real-time recommendations, alerts, and insights, allowing you to focus on what matters the most.
  • 2
    Integration with your existing Sensor
    Integrate with your current IIOT, SCADA/PLC, plant ERP, and operational systems.You have the option to use Revca’s IIOT.
  • 3
    Data Collection
    Single pane of view for your plant operations, providing real-time actionable insights throughout the organisation
  • 4
    Actionable Insights
    You and your team get real insights via our single pane of view on your plant operations and trends, along with key actionable insights.
The work process

How we work ?

We work closely with you and your entire team to learn about your operations and perform assessments to understand pain points, opportunities, and possibilities. We analyse the data and process it through the inbuilt and pre-trained ML model, ensuring that it learns about your operations. If required and applicable, we augment and improve the model. Once the model is trained, we perform the accuracy test and deploy it, after which the model’s continuous exploratory and learning feature improves the quality and scope of predictions.

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